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BE the rainbow in the someone else’s cloud

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During these days of social distancing, I have tried to not get stuck behind my desk all day long and regularly take conference calls while out walking. Today while on my morning walk I saw a message of inspiration that is the perfect metaphor for what SaaS Backup brings to the SaaS applications it protects.

Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google are providing customers simpler ways to consume collaboration and CRM tools with their cloud offerings. These clouds, like Office 365, bring enhanced productivity but also come carrying stormy weather: accidental deletions, ransomware attacks, corruption, and more.


Many organizations are quickly adopting SaaS applications, sometimes without considering data protection, largely because of the urgent need to support a work-from-home operation model. Due to limitations such as no secondary copy, short retention windows, and basic recovery options, customers who rely on native recovery processes may find themselves caught in the rain – with permanent data loss.

The good news is, SaaS Backup is the rainbow for these clouds! We help customers burst through the stormy under-belly of these clouds to ensure they can complete their digital transformation to SaaS applications without fear of putting their data, and organization, at risk. By providing an independent, robust data backup our rainbow (SaaS Backup) complements and enhances the value of Office 365, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and G-Suite so customers can truly find the gold at the end of their digital transformation!

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