BE16 and vCSA 6.5 snapshot error W2012/2016

Hi Team, upgrading vCSA to 6.5 I had a new issue with BE16 Backup - an error message that SnapShot cannot be create ... see the attached file.
Do any of you heared an error like that?

" ... V-79-57344-38366 - VDDK Warn: VixDisklibVim: LoginFailure. Callback error: 180000 at 2439
A quiesced snapshot could not be created for the virtual machine DCProdvirtVCS DCCvmFinaBer
V-79-8192-38355 - A Failure occured while loading the virtual machine in place for backup/restore operation.


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Re: BE16 and vCSA 6.5 snapshot error W2012/2016

First, this is nothing new to BE16 or vSphere 6.5. When Backup Exec does a snap of a VM it does a quiescing snapshot. IF there's too much activity then this will fail. This same snapshot can be done using the vCenter UI.

Right-click the VM and select Snapshots -> take Snapshot. When the VM is powered on you'll see a check box for Quiesce guest. Select this.

You can do a couple things to try and resolve this. First figure out why the VM is too busy to be quiesce.

Here are some TechNotes on the issue: