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After I succesfully backup a virtual server (VMware), the status of that server is not updated on the 'Servers' overview. I see this in a couple of VM's, the other VM's are updated correctly. I am able to GRT-restore from such a server, only the status is not updated. What part should I troubleshoot? I'm looking into the selection list and reapplying the BackupAgent on those VM's.

Any advise is welcome, I'll keep you posted on any progress on my part.

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Hello Roel,

Is the status not updated immediately or if its not updated at all?

Have you tried to refresh the BE 2012 GUI number of times or close and open it again?





Me too

I have the same issue.


However on the Servers that dont update the status correctly, I can't do a GRT restore. I have a case logged but no valuble reply yet.


Hi Sush

I've refreshed the GUI many times now (F5 right?) Also the GUI has been closed and opend a number of times.

Two VM-servers are updating correctly. Four are not updating at all and still show 'Never backed up'. I am able to select individual files from the past three jobs from these four servers. So GRT is working and my problem is only in the GUI.

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Hi, I seem to have this


I seem to have this problem as well. At first all of my job statuses were shown against both the vCenter object and the actual VM object. Now I only get statuses logged against the vCenter object and the VM's "appear" like they've not been backed up all week even though the jobs are working fine.

Any ideas?


Hi, I have this problem also


I have this problem also with Backup Exec 2012. When using VMware agent there is no job status on individual server, only on the vcenter object.


I still have this problem

I still have this problem too. No new information found so far...


I also have this issue. I

I also have this issue. I have made a forum post and added a screenshot to explain more but will track this also.



Just spent an hour with

Just spent an hour with Symnatec technical support who couldnt help and redeirected me to this in the end and told me to subscribe :



This is a known issue that we

This is a known issue that we are currently looking at.  We do not have an ETA as to when the issue will be fixed at this time.  The technote posted previously wll be updated once a fix is available.


Update please?

Any update on a ETA please, almost 3 months have passed.


Latest available LiveUpdates

Latest available LiveUpdates have fixed this for me, although it wasn't specifically listed in the release notes.


Confimed - Fixed as of latest

Confimed - Fixed as of latest Hotfix patch but you are right it isnt in the notes.


This one:

This one: http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH180964


As we've installed this one yesterday. And our VM jobs run last night, they didnt update the "last 7 days" of the VM's. (Also next backup and last backup status in server list isn't listed/updated.).

This bug does not affect all VM's, about 80%.


Well it could be a different

Well it could be a different issue as this was affecting 100% of my VM jobs which are now getting the proper staus.

I know it sounds stupid but you have pressed F5 to refresh the main window - i sometimes have to do that.


Different problem?

Thank you for your suggestion, but we have tried refreshing, rebooting and restarting the console. Our situation is as folow:

  • Some VM's: "Never backupped", while they are. No "last 7 days status", no "last backup" & no "next backup" status.
  • Most VM's: "Backupped", but do not report in "last 7 days" , no "last backup" & no "next backup" status.
  • Some VM's: "Backupped", status correct in "last 7 days", correct "last backup", no "next backup" status.

Agent level backups have all correct status, including the "next backup".

All hotfixes and sp's installed to date.


We have contacted support

We have contacted support because it wasnt clear how the GUI should presend backup info on a VM. At first they stated, a VM backupped thru vCenter should NOT display backup status. They referred to: http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH185820

But, when looking at some installations we made we found that clean installations DID show backup status per VM. Again, we contacted support. After a few days they confirmed that the GUI SHOULD display backup status per VM, but it's combined information of the global job containing all VM's. They also confirmed a bug we found in our migrated (from 2010 R3) situation were the per VM backup status was not displayed.

Then we started to work on it and we found a solution. We stopped all services, and renamed the Catalogs folder in the Backup Exec program files folder. After the start of the services and a full backup the per VM backup info is displayed. Please note you will loose your catalogs history! But you can re-catalog your media.

Symantec is coming with a permanent bug fix. Our solution is a workaround. Use at your own risk!