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Backup 2010 R2 install with exported data

I am looking to do a clean install of backup exex 2010 R2.

Thats easy enough but what I want to do is export my Job and selection list and my current media set.

Now I know that one can do an upgrade but I have done that a few times and all I have encountered is problems and there is redundant data in my current configuration.


So what I would like is a clean install and add the data that I want added such as media (tapes & disk) and current jobs/selection lists..



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Hi ,   Please copy the data

Hi ,


Please copy the data folder & catalog by going to C-program files-symantec-backupexec

before that please stop the SQL service for backupexec & then copy these 2 folder to some other location & then do clean install & then we can do manual migration to get your selection & media set back


Thank You


If you are currently at BE

If you are currently at BE 2010 R2, following document can be used, treat this new install as new server in this context:

Please mark it a solution, if this is useful.



So what data (fodler / files)

So what data (fodler / files) exactly do I need to copy back as there is alot of data that I do not want.....


Its either everything, or

Its either everything, or nothing. As the document above mentions, you need to copy data folder and catalogs folder. Data folder contains Backup Exec database, which includes all your jobs and complete configuration and catalogs is information about what you have backed up.



Well see thats one of the

Well see thats one of the problems. I dont want to import everything as I have data in my configuration that breaks BE and nobody not even ye vaunted Backupexec support gurus have a clue to delete this data.....


Maybe I should have stuck with commvault.


Sorry, it is either all or

Sorry, it is either all or nothing as far as copying/replacing configs goes  


Have you opened a support

Have you opened a support case yet to achieve what you plan to? You can look for migrating jobs/selection lists only, if they are same version of Backup Exec installed on two machines. Following are some other documents, you may want to look at:




My expereince of symantec

My expereince of symantec support is more often then not a waste of time. One of the reasons I need to do a clean install is because of symantec support


Anyway.... is it possible to import media data on its own? I have a lots of tapes.


RE: My expereince of symantec

If you create a new/clean database, and restore/copy the catalogs over, all you should need to do is inventory one of your tapes and them restore


Catalogs folder is about meta

Catalogs folder is about meta data. If that is all you want on the new server, simply copy over the catalogs folder. You would lose old jobs and everything else, but catalogs are there and you can restore data from old tapes, by just doing an inventory operation on the new server.



And what about the list of

And what about the list of media/tapes I have. Would they still be there in the console?

Would I have to run an inventory on every tape I have?


you will need to run

you will need to run inventory for those media to be detected, if data folder has not been copied. So, if you are interested just in data and not jobs/configuration, you should move the catalogs and also run inventory of all media.



OK I think I get it now. So

OK I think I get it now.

So if I blow away the old server and just copy over the catalogs data, then after an inventory my old tapes will start showing up in the console.

I wont have to grab all my old tapes, insert them into the library and run an inventory on each and everyone of them! Cause that would be a pain.


RE: OK I think I get it now. So

If you copy and re-install the BEDB and well as the \Catalogs folder, then you won't have to do anything at all

If you just copy the \Catalogs folder, you will have to inventory each tape the first time that it is used.