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Backup Exec 11d random Jobs hang

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we have a Veritas Backup Exec 11D.

Since some weeks, random jobs starts to hang. The Job is starting but doesnt backup anything and keeps running and running. The jobs are configured to abort after 5hours when not completed, but even that doesnt work. Only solution to abort that job is to restart the backup server.
The error giving jobs are random, cant see a real pattern there. We tried to restart the remote Agents on every Server before the backup starts, but that doesnt do anything.
We also updated the remote agents on every server - still no sign of recovery.

I suspect the Backup Exec Server Service but dont know a real way to check that. Is there a way to repair the installation of backup exec without losing all the configured jobs and the database?

Any ideas what we could try next? Is there a Patch we could try? Or a Knowledgebase article?