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Backup Exec 16 - Temporary VMware folders are not cleaned from the Backup Exec data directory

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HI All,

So we started with Backup Exec 14 few years back and I've updated to BE 16 last week with latest patch due to following issue when Symantec could not resolve it.


When backup up VM's, there are lot of Temporary folders been created in folder C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data. (Folders name include VM's name and date ), and number of folders been created keep growing everyday.

Troubleshoot done:

I've logged a call with Symantec and for a week they did troubleshooting and today an Advanced tech called me and advised that this is a known issue and only work-around is to delete these folders manually ?

Now I have had the same above issue while we were on BE 15, with all the patches installed, hence why I quickly upgraded to BE 16 to see if that resolve the issue. Symantec advance support tech directed me to this article ( ) which is according to the article was an issue on BE 2014. So I don't believe that Backup Exec 16 will have this now, will it ?

And I can't accept an answer been deleting these folder manually every day as a solution.

Does anyone experienced this kind of issue ?


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BTW Symantec no longer sells BE and you are on a Veritas forum

Yes I know, backup exec 16 is Veritas now, not Symantec , and veritas has a section for Backup Exec anyway am I right ?
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You are correct, installing BE16 should have resolved this issue. If you are seeing this, then you should open a support ticket along with the technote so that it can be fixed.