Backup Exec 2010 incremental Backup from Synology DS1813+ with RALUS ?


we need to do regular Backups from Synology DS1813+ NAS. On the server side we use Backup Exec 2010 on a Windows Server 2008. Here´s the question: We need incremental backups. And incremental Backups are only supported via a remote Agent, am I right?
I know that Synology DS1813+ is not supported for RALUS, but maybe someone tried to install the Remote Agent on the DS anyway and can give me feedback if it works? Or maybe there is another solution for my Problem (not iSCSI) ?

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You need a remote agent on

You need a remote agent on the device if you want incremental backups. Otherwise, the only other way I'd to attach it to the media server using iSCSI

thank you for the fast

thank you for the fast answer.
so it´s absolutely necessary to have a remote agent installed on the device (DS1813+ in this case) .

Ok, maybe someone who is reading this already tried to install the RALUS on a Synology NAS and can give me some feedback.

What is necessary is that to

What is necessary is that to support incremental backups, against traditional file system data* is that the host of the data MUST have a supported agent installed (Which means either AWS on a windows system or RALUS on a Linux system)  Obviously from an official support point of view if the device does not run a Linux operating system that is on our compatibility list then you won't be supported and I therefore cannot make statements about whether  you could somehow modify RALUS to run. However it almost certainly won't install which would be your first problem

Does kind of leave you with Full backups over CIFS as being the only supported option (although if you could present the storage as iSCSI to the media server and then open shares on the media server for whoever / whatever creates the data, then the RAWS on the media server would be able to do incremental backups, but this does involve a re-think of your configs and moving any data off before reconfiguring and copying back on afterwards (which might be a lot of work)


* Note: the NDMP option and VMware VADP backups do have some capabilities that can operate without a remote agent.