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Backup Exec 22 The Windows Change Journal is unavailable or incomplete...

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A few days ago, I upgraded Backup Exec 21 to 22. I upgraded the agents and made full backups of the data.

Now, during incremental backups I see everywhere the message "The Windows Change Journal is unavailable or incomplete...", backups take much longer than in version 21. This happens on all servers and all disks.

Someone encountered this problem - I have no ideas how to fix it.





Maybe you had previously the jobs configured as "archive bit" and now its "modified time".
If you check a job log before the upgrade what is stated there under "Backup Method".


If it was "archive bit" then you could change it back to "archive bit" within the general BE Settings or you investigate why the "Change Journal" method (Default option) does not work correctly in your environment.

I have not changed anything in the tasks - in the logs I have the info
"Backup Method: Incremental - Back up chenged files since the last full or incremental (using modified time)"

I completed the task in DEBUG mode and found this entry in the log:
Using change journal visitor
Loading tree for mount point "", volume \\? \ Volume {b7 ........}
Failed to load journal for path C:
Error: The parameter is invalid
Journal is not loaded, falling back to modify time backup

It looks like Backup Exec is issuing the wrong command ???
I understand that the lack of Change Journal causes the agent to scan all folders for changes, the same will be done with the Archive Bit method, and this costs time. Some backups take several times longer.

I still don't know what to do :(

Level 3


Short version: Remote Agent 22.0 is broken!

Long version: we have the same problem with all our servers. It's particularly bad with our file server, where the performance has plummeted from over 3,000MB/min to under 10MB/min. The hourly job now runs for more than an hour, before it was 1-2 minutes.

We have been working with Veritas support on this case for a few days, except for the usual things (collecting logs, deactivating firewall/antivirus, Windows updates) nothing has happened so far. Of course, all this has had no effect because the Remote Agent 22.0 is simply broken with regard to the Windows Journal. I have now reinstalled the Remote Agent 21.4 for testing, Windows Journal is working again and the performance is back again at normal level.


Hi Zippi,

Thank you for the information, I also have a problem with the file server where the performance dropped drastically.
I confirm your solution, the agent's return to version 21.4 temporarily solves the problem, which is not the fault of the server and its settings. Hope Veritas can fix it quickly.

Please write when there are any better solutions.



Hi Zippi, Andrzej
I sent you both a private message, I would appreciate if you could reply to it - thank you

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The same problem still exists in Backup Exec 22.1 Technical Preview version.


FYI - This issue will be addressed in BE 22.1 
Unfortunately the code fixes did not make it into the Technical Preview version but will be in the final release version.