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Backup Exec Agents - SOlaris supported?

Level 3

We are trying to check whether SOlaris OS is supported on Backup Exec vs.20.X

It is not mentioned in the software compaibility list. But i used to be supported until vs.16.X.

We had similar expperience wih Windows Server 2003. ALthough it says not supported, when you install the windows agent it works.  Since Microsoft has withdrawn support for Win2003 , Veritas has also withdrawn support.We need to backup flat files from Solaris Servers. These are basically .dmp files generated by Oracle Database export utility.

Can any one guide us? Is it possible to download SOlaris agent form some old version and use it ? Or can we use SOlaris vs.16.X and do it?


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Solaris support has been withdrawn very much earlier than BE 16, quite a few version back in fact. It is highly probable that the last version of BE to support Solaris is itself unsupported and thus not available for download