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Backup Exec Zoning

Hi All -

I have a very simple issue (which I am sure is very simple) but I am inherting issues from a former IT Admin and I dont have too much experience with it.


Basically I have my media server (BEX), my SAN, and my Tape library connected all to a fiber switch.  These devices are the ONLY devices connected to the switch.

I have been having on going issues with my backup jobs and after working with symantec support they suggested to me that my tape library is the issue.  My tape library vendor is telling me that my fiber switch is hte issue, which brings me to the zoning aspect.


How do I zone these devices so I can avoid any conflicts?  Currently there are NO zones setup on my fiber switch and all 4 connections are talking to eachother properly (or so it would seem)


I have Port 1 - BEX Server

Port 2 - HBA from NAS (EMC)

Port 3 - Tape LIbrary robotic arm

Port 4 - Tape library Tape drive


The on-going issue I seem to have is that after a particular job (randomly) the tape does not eject from the drive.  The tape remains locked.  It isnt until I restart the tape library that I am able to eject the tape.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Do you have a BE job to unlock the library?

Do you have a BE job to unlock the library?


No I dont not but even if I

No I dont not but even if I unlock the library, nothing seems to happen and the tape remains stuck.  I think it might be because all my devices are using the same switch and they should be zoned to a single initiator.


Your FC switch vendor support

Your FC switch vendor support team can assist you in zoning your devices.

Basically you would have two HBA's in your BE server.

One is zoned so that it can ONLY see the tape drive unit.  The other is zoned so that it can ONLY see the allocated LUN within the SAN storage.  This way no traffic from the SAN affects tape traffic.  It's also a security measure too, to prevent other devices from accessing data streams.  Or preventative so that other servers don't try to take over LUN's they shouldnt.


It's like creating VLAN's..  But for block based storage.


...if you're running Windows

...if you're running Windows Server 2003 on your media server, turn off Removable Storage service (RSM) conflicts with BE's lock on the library.


Are you saying the tape gets

Are you saying the tape gets stuck inside the actual drive in the robotic library and won't return to the slot (still inside the library)

As if yes this is not a fucntion that is blocked by any reservations inside BE so locking/unlocking the library will not have any effect and it sounds more like a hardware issue than a software or SAN issue.


Correct.  At this point I do

Correct.  At this point I do not believe I have a BE issue, but I am hoping that someone on the forum has had a similar issue and could guide me as to how they might have fixed it.


Have you tried the run the

Have you tried the run the manufacturer's diagnostic utility against the library?  If you do, make sure that you stop all the BE services first and select the write test.


You might have to check if

You might have to check if all devices are in same SAN zone.