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Backup NetApp using CIFS

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My NetApp is Release 8.3, acting as a storage virutal machine which allows Windows based systems (server/PCs) to access via Windows style UNC (\\server\share).
We used BackupExec 15 (ver 14.2), and we backup the NetApp using NDMP option, but later we found out we cannot restore the data to our old HP StorageWorks, so I have to configure backup of the NetApp using CIFS instead, but I always hit the error of "Access Denied". 
(1) What credentials should I use for BackupExec to connect to NetApp ?
(2) Do I need other licenses ?
(3) Do I have to disable NDMP on NetApp before I can use CIFS?
Another other things I have to check ?

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Re: Backup NetApp using CIFS


I have moved your comment to new post in Backup Exec forum.

Please have a look at these KB articles:

Access denied errors with NAS, CIFS or Windows shares

Configuring share level backup jobs in Backup Exec 2012 or later



Re: Backup NetApp using CIFS

If haven't done such a test recently but in the past if you configured a NetApp for the NDMP option then to switch to backing up over CIFS you had to

1 ) Disable NDMP on the NetApp

2) Remove the NetApp device from the Storage section of Backup Exec

3) Delete the NetApp Device's object from the server list in the Backup and Restore section of the BE admin console and then add it back in as a file server (with the share level credentials not the NDMP level ones) If you do not delete the existing object it believes it was still an NDMP Server and tries to access it in the wrong way.

With regards credentials it is usually easier to get it to work if the NetApp is using security that is AD integrated as trying to use workgrouping type credentails may give problems.



Re: Backup NetApp using CIFS

Do i need a remote agent on the target NetApp SVM ?




Re: Backup NetApp using CIFS

No (for two reasons)

1) CIFS uses share level access so we do not directly use a local agent to use CIFS

2) Remote agents won't install on a NetApp (when the NDMP option is used, we make use of services that are built into the NetApp that communicate over the NDMP protocol - and yes the same protocol is used by our Windows And Linux remote agents which is why you have to completely disable NDMP on a NetApp when you want to use CIFS)


Re: Backup NetApp using CIFS

There is no software to be installed on the NetApp.

You need to have at least one Windows Remote Agent license on the BE Media server.