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Backup-Recovery from Exchange 2013 into an *.PST File failed - Final error: 0xe000fe2d Solved

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We had the problem, that Backup Exec 22 got us the followign error, every time we want to recover selected mailboxes from an Exchange 2013 Backup into an *.pst file.


Auftrag beendet am Donnerstag, 25. August 2022 um 16:21:34

Abschlussstatus: Fehlgeschlagen

Endgültiger Fehler: 0xe000fe2d - Während des Backups konnten ein oder mehrere Elemente nicht ordnungsgemäß gelesen werden. Das kann folgende Ursachen haben: Beschädigung des Dateisystems, Controllers, Laufwerks oder teilweise gesperrte Datei. Überprüfen Sie die Windows-Ereignisprotokolle, führen Sie das entsprechende Windows-Diagnoseprogramm und danach erneut das Backup durch.

Endgültige Fehlerkategorie: Ressourcenfehler

Zusätzliche Informationen zu diesem Fehler finden Sie unter der Verknüpfung V-79-57344-65069

or in english:

Final error: 0xe000fe2d - During the backup, one or more items could not be read properly. This can be caused by: file system, controller, drive, or partially locked file corruption. Check the Windows event logs, run the appropriate Windows diagnostic program, and then run the backup again.

Final Error Category: Resource Errors

See link V-79-57344-65069 for additional information on this error


So we thougt it was an file error, corrupted file or something else (that is what the message sounds like)

But after we installed MS Office 2016 (MS Office 2010 was installed before) on the Backup Exec Server, without Office, you cant recover into an *.pst, the error was gone and all works fine.

And, with Backup Exec 21, we had no problems to recover into an *.pst with MS Office 2010.

This cost us many ours of troubleshooting, so maybe we can help you out...



@vdziubalka Thank you very much for sharing this info.