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Backup Sets all named the same regardless of job - BE 20.5 1188

Level 4

This is very hard to articulate so I'll start with the backstory. Note that as a non-profit I am not allowed to call Veritas Support. 
- I'm replacing an old BE server with new.
- New and old are BOTH BE 20.5 1188 but their behaviors are very different.
- Old OS is Server 2008R2, new is Server 2019.
- New and old are main file servers with a separate array for backup storage. Even drive letters and directory structures are identical.
- New and old both use DFSR which mirrors file shares to another building (and eachother until old server retirres). 
- New server additionally uses Volume Shadow Copies for version retention for the drive with the shares on it. The old server does not use Volume Shadow Copies. This is probably relevant.
- Backup for file shares is split up into several jobs because each share is multiple TB in size and each share has different criticality and retention periods.

THE PROBLEM is that on the new server, all of the various jobs create backup sets with identical names, "Snapshot Full" under one folder called "Shadow Copy Components" so you can't tell them apart unless you dig into the properties of each backup set. So I can't tell which jobs ran, which are missing, which are too small (incomplete), which are duplicates, etc... On the old server, these same jobs created backup sets bearing the name of the job, like, Archival Images Full, Video Vault Full, etc... 

The big difference between new and old is how you make backup jof selections. You can't just select a directory on a drive to back up - you will get an empty backup set if you do. To make a backup job selection on the new server, you have to drill down into ServerName>Shadow Copy Components>User Data>Distributed File System Replication> DfsrReplicatedFolders>ShareName. On the old server you simply selected ServerName>ShareName. Huge difference. But both servers are using DFSr on the same shares, same names, same namespace. 

Thank you!