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Backup Exec 20.6 Stalls Discovering Resources

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I have been using backup Exec in many versions for the last seven years and recently bought a new server tape drive and server and version of backup exec,

I put the new tape drive(Quantum LTO-6 SAS) on my old server (Backup Exec 2012) and my older Tape drive(Quantum LTO-4 uSCSI) on my new server(Backup Exec20.6) as the newer server has very little to backup.

The new server backs up itself at 8pm and another server at midnight.
The new server also has MSSQL server 2017 installed and backup exec has the agent to suit.

First Month I had backups working fine and every morning I could change my tapes, then for no reason the new server suddenly started to show "Active - Discovering Resources" on itself for 13 hours before starting to backup(as such I have to cancel it).

The Backup job hasnt changed since the original backups that were working fine, the tapes havent changed, the server hasnt had anything installed since, there is a rule to exclude backup exec on the endpoint antivirus.


Quite stumped, has anyone heard of anything like this before or know how to fix it???


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The job status matches to one in this technote

can you open a tech support case and message me the case number to look into this.

Case Number is 191217-000720