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Backup exec 16 best practice backup server Dmz

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Hello, can you tell me the best practices for backup servers in dmz? Most of the servers use windows 2016. when I try to deploy the agent this one puts it in failure. the servers are in another vlan and no inside to the domain . thank you for your help


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Hello everybody !

Do you have an idea about the problem I'm having? because we did not add a dmz server. I found some articles about ports

but I do not understand how to put it in place.
you have to go from source to destination?

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Port 6101 is from remote system to Backup Exec Server

Port 10,000 is from Backup Exec Server to Remote Server (and can be changed to another port if required)

The configurable dynamic range of ports (default is 1024 - 65535 is also from Backup Exec Server to Remote Server (you can reduce this range but suggest at least keep 50 ports in the range and don't include 10000 with that configured range)

If you don't intend to use Client Side Dedulciation acrsoss the firewall then you won't need to worry about the Deduplication Ports

If you are not setting up a CASO configuration or intending to use the Remote Admin Console across the firewall then you shouldn't have to worry about the BE Server, Job Engine or Management Service Ports

For push installs of the remote agent, we use things like WMI, RPC and Admin shares access on the remote system (for the specific ports check with Microsoft) direction should be from BE server to Remote Server. However you can avoid using these ports and locally copy the agent installer files to the server in the DMZ to do a local/manual install and not actually perform a push install (but will have to know how to configure publishing and agent trusts and how to do manual patches to the remote agent software after any future updates are applied to the BE server.)