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Backup of Samba share

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Hi all,

I have a linux machine backup_1 over which I use to take the backup of all the linux machines in my datacenter using rdiff-backup. Then on the machine backup_1 I have configured the Samba for the directory which has the backup of all the linux machines and now I have added this samba share in Backup Exec under "user define", the machine backup_1 does not has the backup client install over it.


Now the problem is, when I take the backup of all linux machines over Backup_1, all the symbolic links turn wrong as the source is changed and when backup exec takes the backup of that samba share I have tons of error about all the symbolic links as they are wrong. I have been taking the backup of all original files so I want to skip the symbolic links !!! How can I do so ??? Any ideas ?

Note: I don't have the client installed over backup_1 





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Could you provide as by this errors please ?

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Have you tried unchecking these options in your backup job?


* EDIT *

If the above does not work, then see this document

You would not be able to see the options in the document unless you are licenced to backup Linux servers.

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Install remote agent for linux system then check backup