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Backup to disk, then clone to tape

Level 3
I have Backup Exec 10d, Windows 2003 Std, and a dedicated backup server with 600Gb B2D storage and LTO-2 tape drive.

I've setup backup jobs for 5 servers to go to disk nightly. I've got enough disk space on our backup server to keep about 2 weeks backups online, and will be our primary means of restore when necessary.

However, I want to also "clone" the backup job to tape as well for off-site storage. I want this to happen after the backup to disk operation completes daily, and I'd like for this to happen entirely on the backup server (in other words, I don't want to just run another backup job of the data to tape and impact the production server)

I've done this with Legato in the past, but I'm unfamiliar how to in Backup Exec. I've considered some options using post-commands and just backup up the .bkf files, but I want to make sure I do it right and could restore from the tape only if necessary.

Can someone help?

Level 6

You can use the duplicate job option. Refer to the following technote for more information on this:

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Level 3
Perfect, thanks for the reply. That's exactly what I was looking for! Since I didn't get a response for several days I re-worded and posted the same question in ThreadID 60508 as well, you can disregard it.


Level 3
Perfect Answer.