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Backup up Exec 21 full backup snapshot on ESXI6

Level 2

HI every one,

i have VMs on ESXI 6 and i would like to backup them up with my BE21, the problem is,sometimes when the full backup snapshot begins, the remaining space disk on the ESXI Host does not change, but in another times when backup up snapshot begins, the disk space on ESXI begins to decrease until the hole partition become full.

So when the backup consume space disk and when doesn't ?

thank you so much for you help.



Can you provide more detail on the disk space size?

e.g disk space on full backup and disk space on another backup.


i have now 59 Gb free on DATASTORE1 on ESXI and the VM that i want to backup has 400 Gb size. the issue that confuse me is that in the firt time that i backed up the VM, the DATASTORE1 free space rempined the same.

but te second time that i did a full backup exactly the same way, i got DATASTORE  free space Gb.i hope i 'm clear enough.

thaks again for your help.