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Backup Exec 20.6 Search not finding anything

Level 3


Backup exec 20.6

I'm searching for files to restore from backup sets with Search:

Restore  >  Files, folders, or volumes  >
Files and folders located through Search

I select the backup time range, path, and file or folder name.

No matter what I select, it goes through the motions of searching, but still says Found 0 matches.

In Configurations and Settings > Backup exec settings > Catalog,
"Use storage-based catalogs" is checked.

The backup sets are on a hard drive accessed over the network.

I cataloged all the backup sets, still does not find anything.
The catalogs are in C:\Program Files\Veritas\Backup Exec\Catalogs\ (server name)

How do I search for files to restore???




Did u try to perform catalog against the backup storage?

I think the backup didnt expire right?

If above cannot help, please try to uncheck this setting and perform catalog again. It will perform full catalog.

What is the "Use storage-based catalogs" option in Backup Exec and what are the effects of clearing ...


Yes, all backups are current. I cataloged.

Is it safe to delete all the files in the catalog folder and inventory / catalog again?




If I have access to all existing B2D backup files, can I delete what's in the Catalog folder and inventory / catalog everything again without any loss of data or ability to do a future restore? We switched to a new server last year and that may have something to do with this, so I'd like to start over and catalog everything again from scratch.

I recataloged the F: drive without deleting the existing catalogs. Unchecked "Use storage-based catalogs".

Still not finding anything. I'm not getting an error message, just not finding anything.

Yes, I know how to search with wildcards - since RSTS/E on a PDP 11/34