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Backups will not complete with system state selected

Level 2

Backup error 8004230F with system state selected. Backup works when system state is deselected.

Advanced Open File - selected MS VSS / System - Use Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider

Only MS running in registry for VSS

Attempted answers from support search: v-79-32772-8975



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Are you able to take a successfult backup using ntbackup ?

Level 6
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Hey Ken,

           What was the Final error code? What is the O.S.? Is this a DC ? if so please review the following doc


Level 2

The final error code was 8004230F. With system state chosen the testrun can complete without error.

It's a DC but not a LUN, is it still safe to apply the hotfix? Thanks guys.

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You have not reported still if Ntbackup system state backup is working fine or not

The above patch given is applicable for win2008r2 & in your case if you are using BE 12.0 then win2008 r2 is not supported on first place

If this is win2003 DC then please check below link and apply the patch given in link below

In the end ensure if with ntbackup too system state backup is failing this would be not be a Symantec issue but issue from OS side

Hope that helps