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CPS: Upgrading CPS Server, How to relocate jobs / repositiries

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We are in the process of going to the Server 2008 platform.  We currently have a media/CPS server that is running Server 2003 Std. 

I have two new servers, both running Server 2008 x64, one will be the new media server, one will be the new protection server.

Ideally I would like to migrate my existing CPS jobs/repositories to the new server.
  -  Can I migrate jobs from one protection server to another and re-point the clients? How?
  -  Can I relocate a repository and all its data including snapshots?
  -  If a repository cannot be relocated can I run both protection servers for a period of time?  (One for current, one for the historical data)
  -  Lastly - once I move the protection server what do I need in BEWS to tell it the CPS repositories have moved so they can continue to be backed up to tape weekly.

I have several TBs of scratch space on the current and the new protection server so I should be OK from that perspective.  I'm just looking for advice on the best way to proceed to keep all my history and ensure continuous (no pun intended) uninterrupted backups during this upgrade process.

Once I get the protection server upgraded and running satisfactorily I'll work on migrating the media server separately.