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Can I backup bkf files to a cloud backup service without problems?


I'm working with Backup 11D (yes I know).

I know there is a serious issue with COPYING BKF files to other locations which makes it nearly impossible to restore from those!  The solution, create a DUPLICATE job to store the copies say on USB drives which I currently do.

Question is, if I leave the BKF files in their original locations (B2D folders) and use an online backup solution, which copies the bkf files to the cloud from those folders, am I in the same boat here if I try to restore them from the cloud?


I *THINK* the problems resides in "OVERWRITE PROTECTION" if I am not mistaken, so maybe this still applies if I do cloud copy backups?


But what if I just SHUT OFF overwrite protection so NOTHING is ever overwritten?  Huh? (and then I would just manually delete BKF files as I need too, which I do anyways as the software creates multiple BKF files for single backup jobs which I HATE with a capital H) 

Would this solve this goofy issue and allow me to just COPY bkf files where ever and when ever I want too? 

Thanks much,





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You should always duplicate

You should always duplicate your backup sets.  Never copy them.  See this document


Well the latest BE version

Well the latest BE version are being qualified for use with some cloud products so really you should be looking for a software update (as you know)  Of course if you did update deuplication also comes into the picture

Backup Exec (BE 2014) is currently in process of performing qualification testing against the Amazon AWS Storage Gateway VTL (please follow / subscribe to for updates to this.)

This version already has support for Quantim Q-Cloud and Riverbed configurations. See the BE 2014 HCL for details.










Hi, thanks for the replies! I

Hi, thanks for the replies!

I did see that article and some time ago I was actually just coping bkf files to external storage for like a year without knowing that I would probably NEVER be able to restore!!!  I stumbled on it by ACCIDENT!!!  

Anyway, the stipulation in that article is that bkf files are set to be OVER WRITTEN as they age.  So if I shut this off by setting the OVERWRITE PROTECTION PERIOD to INFINITE (do not allow overwrite), then in theory I should not have to worry about BE trying to "copy over" existing media and messing with their contents then correct?

All media lables with stay the same and then content of those will not change in any catalogs as they would NEVER be overwritten.  Hench, I would just MANUALLY delete media as needed. 

Is this feasable?




Are you sure you have the

Are you sure you have the time to do your own media management?

PKH, That is a very good


That is a very good question, probably not.  But I would set weekly reminders.  If I miss those once the drives fill up, at least I'll get warnings and emails telling me I'm below my 25% left on drive capacity! 

It would be a temporary thing anyway.