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Cannot Access Directory, But Mail Store Backed up

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First the basics:

I am running Backup Exec 12.5 Rev2213 with Service Pack 4 on a Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 server. The Exchange server is a Windows 2003 SP2 server also. I am running Exchange 2003 ver 6.5.7638.1

I am having a problem with the backup failing due to not being able to access the directory. I have two mail stores on the server, with 3 directories inside of each store. The backup always fails on Store 1, the directory not being accessed is the one the backup logon account is in. That account is a Domain Admin account. The rest of the Store is backed-up, I can see the results in the folder on the drive, but does not show up in the Restore section of the Console.

Before running the last backup, I created a new backup device and media, but used the same job that i have before.

Two questions:

1. Does the logon account need to be a member of any group, like Domain Admin, etc. (I have been using the current account for over 6 years), or is it suppose to be just an ordinary account? When I test the job using the current account, it always tests successfully.

2. Is there anyway to access the directories that were backed-up from Store 1, to make them be 'seen' in the console when I click on that store? 

3. Do I need to delete the job and recreate a new one?

I have already reviewed the following TECH articles to see if I could find a solution:







Attached is the job log from the most current failure.


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It should be a Domain Admin, Exchange Full Admin, have a mailbox, have the mailbox not hidden from the global address list and the first 5 characters of the mailbox name must be unique in the environment (i.e. don't use Admin if Admin1 exists etc)

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Thanks for the information. Any ideas of point 2 and 3? The backup has failed three times in a row. I am using the GRT, because I need access to the mailboxes.

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See this Technote for possible solutions  Exchange Information Store backup to Backup-to-Disk Folder fails with the error - Backup- \\Exchange...

 Youve already done step 6.  It looks like you are running McAfee on the Exchange server.  I recommend creating jobs to back up the Exchange Databases seperately and also disabling any Antivirus Protection on the Exchange server.

Level 4

My thanks to all for your suggestions, they have partially solved the problem. I did a full backup of each store using new jobs created for this, seperately, to a new disk drive, and all went well. However, when I ran the old full backup job, but pointed to a folder on the new disk drive, two things happen. 1. Even though I have a 1GB NIC in both the Exchange server, Backup server and the switch connecting the two, the old job still runs at 52mb/min. The new mail store jobs run at nearly 1 GB/min. Any way to accelerate the old job? 2. While running the old job, starting it at 8 PM on Friday, by Saturday night at around 11 PM the mail store 1 was unmounted and error code 1159 was the reason. Seems the transaction logs had built up to 1008, which causes the unmounting. I have the backup job set to the default of clearing the transaction logs as the backup runs. Is there something the Backup Exec could have done to cause this to happen, and  if son what do I need to do to prevent it in the future? Attached is the log from the failed backup job.


Thanks for any help.