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Cannot delete device from devices tab backup exec 2010

Level 5

I have along with many other a lot of problem with Backup Exec 2010 and deduplication.
This environment contains of 2 servers a CASO and a MMS. The database got corrupt on the CASO. And nothing worked.
I have a case with Symantec 2nd line supprt. They told me to uninstall the CASO. Unfortunally we could'nt get any selection lists or policies back.
After that we had to connect the MMS to the CASO but they did not manage that. I have been on the phone waiting for 2 hours but no answer from Symantec.

Today I managed to connect the MMS but after promoting the server to MMS I can't get the dedup folder to work. It wont start.
After unistaling the MMS I cant get it to show in CASO again after installing it.
The MMS also shows twice in the devices tab and I cannot delete the "phantom" device.
Any thoughts on this


Level 5
Here is a snapshot of the old MMS I can't remove even though I've uninstalled the MMS

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Don't know why Symantec would not answer this.

Install SQL Server Management Studio on your Backup server. Log in and expand the BEDB database. Expand tables and go to dbo.Device, right click and Open table.

You can delete the row that has the old device.

If it does not delete, it may be due to the table referencing another table, probably the dbo.MachineDevice table. If you have shared b2d folders or a shared device, you will have to delete the rows that reference the device you are trying to delete. Row ID will be the same in each.

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I would strongly suggest not to edit the database without assistance from Symantec Tech Support.

For this issue, I would suggest doing a server reboot once, as this is more of Interface issue and reboot should refresh it. To start with try restarting the services.


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