Capacity Edition Licensing 2 Sites

Hello I have a question regarding the capacity licensing for Backup Exec.

How does it work in the situation where you have 2 sites which backup and 2 licenses, which I assume means 2 Terrabytes of capacity?


If media server one backups 1.2T, while server two backups 0.2T, would you need 3 terrabytes of licensing? Or is the capacity shared between the media servers?

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Re: Capacity Edition Licensing 2 Sites


2TB license will be sufficient. You need to license the total amount of front end TB you regulary backup. That is the legal point of view, another issue is with the license key installation. If you divide the license to two 1TB license keys and install those keys to your servers, server in first site (with 1.2TB) will complain, that you do not have sufficient licenses.  

There are two ways how to solve it - either you can ignore the warning because BE does not have hard limit (at least not today) or you will have to install the same key for 2TB on both servers. This is technically possible, but you need to be sure, that you will not backup more than 2TB in total to keep compliance with the license. BE servers will not inform you about that.