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migrate On-Premise Solution to Hybrid Environment

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hello everyone, I am currently working on a migration project of a NetBackup solution (software/hardware) that has 95% of the hardware obsolete and without support and licensing by capacity, is studying the option of migrating to a hybrid solution that allows supporting both on-premise services and cloud services, which is flexible and scalable.
I am looking into the "veritas resilient platform" solution, but it is unclear to me if it is the best option in my scenario.
I would like to know if it is possible to provide me with information related to requirements, architecture, etc. or another veritas solution that allows me to perform this migration.

Kind Regards

Jose Sumoza


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Hi @josejsumozaj

My suggestion would be to start talking about this with either your Veritas account team or partner that provides the support.

You are asking good questions, but not sure this is the forum. Others may have ideas on suggestions, but I think you really need to sit down and discuss this in more detail than you may be willing to share here.

Netbackup can work well in a hybrid on-premises and cloud environment under a single domain and I have been involved in the deployment of a number of such systems.


Hi David Thanks for the reply, It is beyond my responsibility to contact the veritas account team, this is done by my superior, and we are waiting for a response to arrange a meeting, however it is my responsibility to proactively investigate possible scenarios and that is why I am here consulting and reading about veritas solutions, I can share enough useful information without compromising anything critical. I would appreciate if you can provide me with some information that can guide me.


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If I remember well, newer netbackup versions can transform a VM backup to azure VM.