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Client-side deduplication not working

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Hello dears,

I have Backup Exec 16 FP2 installed. I created a deduplication storage locally on the BE server (on the E:\ drive; BE is installed on C:\ drive). I have a Hyper-V host which has 3 VMs on it. I installed the agent on this Hyper-V host and on the 3 VMs (for GRT purposes). Client-side deduplication is enabled in the deduplication storage properties and in the backup job. The backup job gives a warning that client-side dedupe could not be used therefore server-side dedupe was used instead. I restarted the BE services but same issue.

Any ideas?

PS: BE server's OS is Windows server 2008 R2 SP1, the Hyper-V host's OS is Windows server 2012 R2 and the VMs' OS is Windows server 2012 R2.


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Try to backup some standard files (not the VMs)  from the C: drive of the Hyper-V host with Client Side enabled, if you can't get that to work then look at what might be causing that before you try to do VM backups.


Will try it and post the results here.

Thanks Colin!

Make sure ICMP ping operations are enabled in your Direct access properties and you aren't pending a service reboot.

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did you read the section about deduplication in the admin guide?

are all the requirements met?

When you create a backup job with client-side deduplication, keep in mind the
following items:
■ The backup job can include resources from only one remote computer.
■ The Agent for Windows is required on the remote Windows computer to perform
Windows client-side deduplication. The Agent for Linux is required on the Linux
computer to perform Linux client-side deduplication.
Veritas Backup Exec Deduplication Option 831
Sharing a deduplication device between multiple Backup Exec servers
Note: A maximum of 64 remote agents with client-side deduplication enabled
are allowed per Backup Exec server.
■ The remote computer must be pingable.
■ The remote computer cannot be a Backup Exec server.
■ A deduplication disk storage device or an OpenStorage device must be used
for the backup job.
■ The option Client-side deduplication must be enabled on the properties for
the storage device.
■ The option Enable the remote computer to directly access the storage
device and to perform client-side deduplication, if it is supported must be
selected in the Storage options for the backup job. This option is selected by
default when you select a deduplication disk storage device or an OpenStorage
device as the storage for a backup job.

Hello everyone and thank you all for your replies.

The problem is that right now I'm not able to test your suggestions because we are in the middle of changing the BE server to a newer server (hardware). Once all of this is done, I will reconfigure client-side deduplication and will let you know my results.

Have a great day everyone! :D