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Connecting Backup Exec 2010 Media Server and NetApp filer to the same Tape Library

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Good morning Connect community

We have a scenario where a NetApp filer has a direct attached tape library for NDMP backups using CA ARCserve; the customer is migrating from ARCserve to Backup Exec 2010 R3 and we have the idea of connecting the media server to the same tape library that the NetApp is connected to; the hardware supports this but we are uncertain how Backup Exec would view this.

Is it possible to configure an NDMP device and media server to tape library that is direct-attached to both?

Your thoughts and ideas would be most welcome!

Many thanks


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Yes - use SAN technology and make sure every part of the library is presented to both media server and NetApp

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You firstly need to NDMP license , Make sure the netapp device is compatible with Backup exec

refer the followign document

Its old 11d document and there many enhancement made to the NDMP option like you can run ndmp backup to the localy attached robotic library , duplciate NDMP ets .

Have look of the best practice document as well