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Encrypting Backup Tapes

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Our corporate office has just mandated that all backup tapes leaving the site must be encrypted. Does 9.1 have this capability or is there an addon that i need to purchase?
We currently have a Dell NAS in place and do Disk to Disk to Tape backups. Any help would be much appriciated. Thanks

Level 6
Well there's definitely nothing native to Backup Exec in v9.1 which will do that, if you want encryption I believe your only option is to upgrade to v11.

I won't say with certainty that there is no 3rd party app out there to do it, but I've seen this asked many times in the past, and no one has yet come up with anything, so I'd guess not.

Level 6
v11d directly supports encryted tapes, but I've never heard of anything that will dynamically encrypt tape backup jobs.