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After migratrion to new backup server and new tape library, backup sets are not viewed

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I have migrated my environment to a new server with backup exec 22.2 installed as well as a new tape library with new tapes. I need to restore backup sets made on the old tapes from the old tape library so I did insert them into the new tape library and ran the scan, inventory and catalog operations with no success. Bear in mind the current slots' capacity and storage remains the same even if I swap the old tape with a new one, it looks like it is glitched. One more thing is that when migrating we changed the server name to a new one and that we migrated the old data and old catalog to the new server just in case, the media set where the backup sets were stored show the backup sets but they are linked to the old tape library and this library is currently offline and isn't showing so we can't do anything with that.


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Interresting problem.
I used to work with tape drives multiple years ago and remember a similar case.
The resolution then was the hardware settings on the read/write tapehead was mechanically out of tolerance. 

Do you have hardware utility to verify data created on the new library and test it on the old library if possible.
Its not a good idea to insert old tapes into a new library due to transfer "dirt" from old tapes to new library.

regards from an Oldtimer 




Did you enable encryption in old tapes?

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1. Run the manufacturer's diagnostic utility to ensure that the tape library is functioning correctly.

2. Make sure both the tape library and tape drive are using the Microsoft driver

3. Run a small backup job and see whether there are any errors