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Exchange 2019 Backups

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We have Backup Exec running on Windows Server 2008, and we are backing up our Microsoft Exchange 2019, on server 2019. Veritas say this setup is not supported, so we are on our own here. 

I have a problem with Exchange backups, as we migrated to Exchange 2019 the backups were successful maybe 60% of the time, now they are failing every evening. I have error messages about "Connection lost to the Backup Exec Remote Agent", as well as generic hardware errors, Incorrect Function, and "System cannot find the path specified - unable to restore directory"

I am really desperate, the log drive is filling up fast. I was wondering if anyone could offer any assistance? 

Many thanks


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You need to be on NBU 20.3 as a minimum (current version is 21.1)  for Exchange 2019 to work.

So, you need to upgrade as a matter of urgency.

If your maintenance is up to date, you can upgrade for free.
If not, use the BE SCL, your current situation and this article as motivation to your management: