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Facing logon account issue while trying to backup vm's

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Hi ,

I am using BAckup Exec 2010 R3 ,Backup of VM's is failing regulary .I tried to rectify the issue.But whenever I am trying to Select Virtual Center in Selections I am geeting error as failed to logon on to "name of  VMware Virtual Center". I tried with the paasowrd of logon account but still getting same error and even i tried to change  logon account with new account bit then also same error.I even tried to Resource test credentails for  Exsisting VMware Backup job then also the message comes loginaccount password not matching.I have password but nothing is resolving the issue.


I even tried to create a new Backup Job for VMware BAckup but again when try to select VMware Virtual Center in Resource Selection I get same error failed to logon on to "name of  VMware Virtual Center".


I even tried by deleting the  VMware Virtual Center and adding the  VMware Virtual Center again through Manage VMware Virtual Center or ESX server option.But still the same error of failed to logon.


Please help me on the issue as I am  new to backup exec hence having limited knowledge on it.






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 Is your media server fully patched with Live update with the remote agent pushed out to the remote machines?  

Review this document to make sure the BESA has the correct permissions to access the Virtual VMWare Center  



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Make sure the BE service account has permissions to VMware as per the TN below: