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Level 4

The BEREMOTE.EXE on one of our file servers is using large amounts of cpu (50-92%) during all 3 of the backup jobs that run on this server. The file server is running on a VMware ESX 3.5 U4 host. Backups consist of data and no System State backups. Once the backup starts CPU usage shoots right up to 92% which is 2.75Ghz. This VM has unlimited cpu available and usage on other resources (Disk, Network, Memory) are all normal.

AOFO is set to AUTO.
Backup Exec is 12.5 build 2213
Remote Agent on file server is the same 12.5.2213.101

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Level 5

Pls. try to recycle the beremote sevice periodically and monitor cpu memory usage upon running the backup jobs.

Employee Accredited Certified
As the latest updates take beremote.exe to at least version 12.5.2213.144 it might be worth patching the server up to date - i.e. latest Service Pack follwoed by latest sequence of hotfixes and once the server is up to date then update any remote servers as well

Level 4
I looked through SP2 and the latest hotfixes and none of them have any changes remotely related to the issues we are seeing. I appreciate the idea of staying up to date but applying updates that don't remotely target the issue is something I try not to do regulary. I do appreciate the idea though and if additional research doesnt yield anything may be the path we take.

Level 3
I have a file server that is an ESX 35 U4 VM and has a RDM attached to it for the shares.  I am running BE 12.0.1364.  Yes I know I am behind in updates but our backup administrator is reluctant to upgrade.  I have 20 jobs out of which 3 are file servers and they all are running fine besides the one on the ESX server.   My backup server is a  a Win2008 SP2 with 6 GB of RAM and 2 CPU. I have given the VM its own physical NIC and the adaptor type is Enhanced vmnet.  I have been on the VMware forums but they all say it is Symantec.

Any help here would be appreciated.

I also found a Microsoft hotfix but it is for Windows 2003 not 2008.

Level 4
Senna 2,

Any updates on your issue?

I am going to disable SEP11 during our backups tonight to seeif it's AV and will report back.

Level 6
 Dont disable SEP, just exclude beremote.exe or the BE installation directory.