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How do I replicate data with DeDuplication option?

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Hi All,
I'm running BE 2010 R3, with CASO and dedupe.
I'm looking for a way to replicate data from one deduplication folder to another deduplication folder on an offisite server.
There doesn't seem to be any automated way to do this.. it looks like it's a manual process of creating duplicate backup set(s) jobs. I can setup these jobs to automatically run after a job, but it hardy seems like it's a solution Symantec would tout as "Deduplication and replication".
Is there something I'm missing here? Any words of advise?

Level 6

With 2 media servers, 2 dedupe options licensed, and CASO...  You can create policies that duplicate from one media server to another.  But when using deduplication, you can optimize how much data is actually sent.  By only sending the unique segments in the data stream.

Policies let you do the replication/duplication immediatly once the backup is done.  It's automated.  No need to do manual anything.  That is if you are using policies, if you are using jobs; well that is your problem right there.

If you aren't using policies, you are burning a lot of time managing backup and losing your ability to surf the web and play instead.

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I guess the definition of replication is really just a matter of semantics (pun intended).

Yes you can duplicate your backup data via a policy, but it's really just a collection of jobs.

When Symantec touts replication as a feature bundled with dedupe I envision two dedupe folders that are kept in sync via some sort of asynchronous transport mechanism.. not one that relies on the BE job engine/scheduler.

Another thing that wasn't mentioned in the brochure is the optimized replication doesn't apply to GRT enabled jobs.

Don't get me wrong.. dedupe is great.. but this replication thing make me feel like I got suckered into buying protective undercoating.

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Hi Matt,


Please do let me know if we can discuss on this.