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How should Backup Exec work with DD3300 Data Domain and deduplication?

Level 2

I've made some progress and can now backup some VMs.

Local server backups are very slow at around 400MB a minute.

Now that I added the vCenter server I'm getting around 6000MB a minute and that sounds about max for 1GB lan.
I installed the Dell OST and that is how I was able to add the Dell DD3300 as a storage device but I thought I’d see faster speeds and smaller backups after the first one with DDBoost and deduplication.

With disk base storage there is a deduplication option but not with the OpenStorage option used to add the DD3300 Data Domain.


Just trying to see what options there are. The DD3300 is licensed for DD Boost and CIFS. As best I can tell I can setup a CIFS share and make simple backups or get DD Boost setup if it’s compatible and get faster speeds and deduplication?

We have two Dell R640 ESXi hosts running version 6.7.0 Update 3 (Build 14320388). They are hosting a number of Microsoft Server 2019 VMs and I’ve setup one to run the Backup Exec software. I think I need to install the latest version of the EMC DataDomain Boost for Symantec OpenStorage on the Windows Server with Backup Exec install so Backup Exec can add the DD3300 as an OpenStorage device. But some of the documentation makes it look this will only work with older versions of Dell Data Domains.

What is needed to simply schedule backups of the VMs and do the random restore?

The customer has a site license for older versions of Backup Exec so we are running the current v20 60 day demo.