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How to add job without policy to a new policy?

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I inherited a Backup Exec 2010 setup.

I see three jobs. all three are member of a selection list. There is a daily, weekly and monthly job. But they have no policy.

I only see 5 example policies.

Now I want to add a policy rule to implement grandfather-father-son principle. How do I add the three existing jobs to a new policy?


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Check the TN below and see if this helps you:


Thanks, but I am using Symantec Backup Exec 2010 Version 13.0 Rev. 2896, not the Backup Exec System Recovery.

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As we don't support BE 2010, we no longer have the policy concept in newer versions and also do not have test setups to confirm things like this, it is difficut to answer this, but if I remember correctly

You cannot add a non-policy job into a policy, but you can use the selection list of a non-policy job in conjunction with a new policy in order to create policy based jobs.

So basically you need to create an appropriate policy with templates to match what you want to achieve and then apply this policy to the selection list of one of the jobs.

Note: if your existing jobs have separate selection lists (with the same content) you can only use one of the selection lists to apply to a policy. You can apply the same policy to selection lists with different content in order to create lots of similar backup jobs for different selections