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Discrepancy in Charged TB in NetBackup Deployment Utility

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Hi Veritas Support,

I am encountering a discrepancy in the charged TB for my 7-day Capacity Licensing Report (22nd May,2024 - 29th May,2024)  generated by the NetBackup Deployment Utility. The 7-day report shows a significantly higher TB charged compared to the 35-day report(24th April, 2024 - 29th May, 2024). We perform one full backup per week and six incremental backups per week. After investigating, I found the following:

1. I checked the itemization tab and compared columns - Client Name, Policy Name, Policy Type, and Backup Image - to identify any duplicate rows with the same values across these columns, which could lead to overlapping and increased TB size. No exact duplicates were found.

2. Despite this, the discrepancy still persists, and I need assistance in understanding why the 7-day report shows such a high TB charged and how to accurately adjust for potential overlaps or other issues.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
Pruthvi Patel


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This is not veritas support.

if you want to contact Veritas technical support take a look here :

This place is a forum for Veritas customer to discuss Veritas related product issues. You will likely get help with our issues, but you cannot expect community support to assist you in the same way as Veritas official support.

 Best Regards




Thanks for the clarification. 

Pruthvi Patel