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How to install remote agent?

Level 4
Okay, I got the serial number to install the remote agent on two servers. How do I do it? I already installed the remote agent through mapping to the BE server folder and install from the RANT32 folder. So now the remote agent is installed on both servers. I did go into the Tools/Serial Numbers and Installation... and then choose Remote Install and enter the remote agent serial number in but couldn't find a remote target computer to choose from to install. So I don't know what else to do. It's not working. I couldn't select the folders in those two servers. I kept seeing this erorr when I try to select those two servers.

Selection of this item is disabled. You are not authorized to access this item,a license key for the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers is not installed on the machine, or the remote agent is old or incompatible.

Those two servers are grey out.

Any help is grateful!

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Level 6
I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're doing there, but it doesn't sound right to me.

You need to install the serial numbers through the Backup Exec software itself, either by running the setup program, or through Tools, Serial Numbers and Installation... in BEWS itself.

Choose to add additional options to the local install first, and enter the two serial numbers you have for the two remote servers you want to backup, once this has finished, go through the same again, but this time choose the remote install option, and you will then be able to select the remote servers which you want to install the remote agent to.

I think the problem you were having is that you were trying to install the remote agent software to the remote servers before you had correctly installed the license codes.

Level 4
Thank you very much for the response. I did exactly as you said. I have done install through the Tools/Seriall Number and Installations... and entered in the serial number and install to both servers that I have the license key for but still not working. When I click on the server, it is still grey out and didn't see any folder inside. I also have checked the file server to make sure that remote agent service is running. Any other suggestions?


Level 6
Listed below are the requirements for backing up any remote Windows NT or Windows 2000/2003 computer using Backup Exec 9.x:

1. A Remote Agent license must be installed on the Backup Exec server, and the Remote Agent component must be installed and running as a service on the target server. One Remote Agent license is required for each remote server that needs to be protected.

If the Remote Agent license is not installed, resources on the remote servers will be grayed out and will not be available for backup.

2. The Remote Agent license is not required for backing up Windows NT and Windows 2000 workstations, but the Remote Agent component must still be installed and running as a service on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Professional workstation computers.

3. Backup Exec service account must have permissions to back up files on the remote servers that need to be backed up, usually via the 'Domain Admins' group.

4. If a server that belongs to a workgroup is to be backed up, the server should have an account with the same account name and password as the Backup Exec service account, and this account must be added to the local administrator group.

Also refer the following technote as well.
Please refer to the following technote :

Title:-A message box saying "Selection of this item is disabled. You are not authorized to access this item, a license key for Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Server is not installed on the machine or the Remote Agent is old or incompatible." is displayed when trying to select drives on the remote server.

Title:- Servers are not seen under Remote Selections of Backup Exec 8.x and 9.x.

Please carry out local installation of remote agent on the suspected machine and let us know the result of the same.
You may refer to the following technote :-

How to perform a local installation of the VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) Remote Agent for Windows Servers or the Advanced Open File Option

Once you carry out the above step, please refer to the technote mentioned below in order to confirm is remote agent is properly installed on the target machine .

Title:- How to confirm if the VERITAS for Windows Servers or a complete edition of VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) is installed on a remote computer

We hope this helps.

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After you install the licenses and goes to install additional local options, will this require a reboot of the server?

Level 3
Yes. I didn't think so, but after installing the OFO, I was surprised by being prompted to reboot the server :(

Level 3

1. No you dont need to restart the server after installing the rem agent. It says it needs to, but no.

2. The OFO agent is actualy a dll file so yes you need to restart the server(s)

3. The easyest way to install the rem agent is to copy the whole RANT32 catalog to the target server and the run the setupraa.cmd in that catalog. you will get a blank command window that will dissaper after a while. If you then go to services you will se the service for remote agent and that it is started.

Level 3
I tried to install remote agent following the steps in
However, when i enter the administrator password to the remote computer, BE says access denied. i tried both the local computer admin password as well as the domain admin password. both dont work. so i am stuck.