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How to set job max execution time for duplicate job?

Level 3


we have a customer which does Backup->Nas->UsbDisk backups.

The copy Nas->UsbDisk job is running, as soon as the fullbackup is finished.

Now we have the problem, that the job aborts due to "Max. execution time reached", which is about 2days.

But unfortunally I don't see where I can change the max execution time for the copy job, when I specify it to run directly after the fullbackup job.

When I shedule it to run at a specific time, then I can set the timeouts there, but this option is missing in this case...


Where can I set the timeout for the copy job in that case?



I haven't tested this, and you're right the option is not there for the duplicate immediately option (also not there under Config & Settings - Job Defaults - Duplicate to... either) - however I'm wondering whether it takes the options used for the main backup job. Have you tried setting these options to see if it "carries over" to the duplicate as well?

eg set the cancel option to 240 hours (10 days) and see if the duplicate still cancels after 2 days.

No, we have no max. execution time set on the main job, so it could not come from there...