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How to use Hyper-V module

Level 2

Hi, I have my media server using Win 2008 R2 Std x64. I installed Hyper-V module (60 days trial) in Backup Exec 2010 R3 (licenced).

I hava also two servers with Win 20012 in cluster and with Hyper-V service.

I did remote install of the agent in both servers in cluster, but when I want to create the backup job I can't see any related resource to my servers:

90px_Hyper-V issue-1.png


and the job if I try to runn it rises an error: 

Error             : e0008516 - Los recursos especificados para la instantánea no contienen datos válidos. Compruebe si los archivos se han eliminado o cambiado de nombre.

Also, it only shows me two guest servers, but I have more of them, why can't I see them all? 

I appreciate any help.

best regards.


Level 4

your only hope in this case is to install the agent on each 2012 instance and back them up as individual servers in a limited compatibility mode


Backup exec 2010 does not support 2012 and certainly does not support virtual machines on 2012 in a cluster

Level 2

Then it does on BE 15?

Best regards.