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Incrementals larger in size than full backups

Level 5


Here is my setup

BE 2015 with feature pack 1 running on Windows 2012 R2 server.

Vmware 6

This is a new setup about a month old and I noticed that the agentless backups are backing up as below

For eg a full backup of a VM is 11GB

the incremental is 100 GB

This is the case all the VMs. The incrementals I see are about 8 to 10 times the size of the full backups. 

Below are things that Support has asked me to try

1) Backup using esx servers instead of vcenter. 

2) Reset CBT for the VMs

3) Uncheck GRT options

4) Restart VMs after resetting.

5) Running backup to non dedup storage 

6) Running differentials instead of incrementals.

Unfortunately none of the options are working and everyday my backups run for more than 12 hours and backup a lot more data than my full backup.

Thankfully I am using dedup storage hence the disk utilization is still under control. 

I have exactly the same setup at a another site for the same customer which is running witout any issues. 

So far support has only collected logs with no solution. Does anyone has any suggestions 



Level 6

Hi jinxnbu,

PM me your support case# so I can check out what is going on with it.