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Job hangs queued with tape library

Level 4
I have a Dell Powervault 132T tape library hung onto the back of a Compaq Proliant ML530 Server running Win2K server. The system sees the library fine and also both tape drives in the library and it recognises that there are tapes in there. However, when I try to run a job it just sits there as Queued. I have updated the drivers for the drives and also uninstalled the Dell drivers for the Medium changer and set it to Unknown changer. Any ideas?

Level 6
Try these steps:
1) Make sure only VERITAS DRIVERS are installed.
if not install it via tapeisnt.
How to install and uninstall VERITAS Tape Device Drivers using .exe utility

2)Repair Backupexec installation:

Once the repair operation is over run the backup job and test the result.

Note:Avoid SCSI ID 0,1 and 6 when assigning SCSI IDS. Also make sure SCSIchanger ID precedes tape drive ID.
Tape library should be connected to separate SCSI card not to the RAID card.

Let me know if this helps.

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I have this same problem, and have tried updating just about everything (drivers & BE), with no resolution.

In my case, the drive (132T) is connected to a Qlogic HBA (fibre channel card). It (and the IBM Ultrium LTO-2 drive inside) are seen by BE, and the library can be inventoried, etc. but just won't seem to mount any tapes on the drive.

When I ran the job monitor, I noticed error messages in the form of "invalid handle" (for a vey long device string, starting with "/.//tape")

Any thing else I can try?