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Moving Backup Exec 9.1 to Different Computer

Level 2
We are looking to move our Backup Exec 9.1 to a different server. I found the support document 260054 for instructions. It mentions a number of conditions which if met would not allow you to migrate the data. Unfortunately for us we meet one of the conditions - we have Desktop and Laptop Option. Does anyone know what the deal breaker is for this option? Because of this it says Backup Exec needs to be freshly installed and re-configured. I assume we can at least import our catalogs (I have instructions for that). Is there anything else we'll be able to migrate over? Any other gotchas to know about?

Level 6
I've used this procedure a couple of times (but not with DLO) and have had no problems.

if you don't mind reconfiguring DLO from scratch, try removing the DLO serial, then doing the move, adding DLO back in and configuring it on the new machine.

Level 6

Could you please Update us on the issue?

Thank You,