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Moving to Synthetic backups

Level 2

Hi All,

Just beginning to investigate Full Synthetic backups to help reduce our backup window - our file server (over a million files) now takes roughly 19 hours to both backup and verify to a Dedupe disk.

Our current policy incrementally backs up daily (Mon-Thurs) with a full weekly backups on Friday and and a full monthly on the last Friday of the month.  Corresponding jobs duplicate these backups to tape.

I have a couple of queries that I wonder if anyone can help with;

1 - I've undertand Synthetic jobs only work with file system backups  - can anyone recommend a way to setup polices to account for VM/SQL/Exchange backups with minimal complication?

2 - How would I ensure that this mixture of backups are duplicated to the same tape every day?  I want our tapes to continue to have either the incremental or full backups of everything and be automatically ejected at the end.

3 - I've read that Synthetic backups to Dedupe storage is not supported, at least in older version of BE; is that still true for version 20.3?

I'm so used to the Grandfather-father-son way of doing things - am I looking at this in the wrong way?

If anyone can help or point me in the right direction it's appreciated.