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NDMP Backup of DELL FS8600 - Backup Exec 15

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We have a DELL FS8600 NAS which we are attempting to backup to tape using NDMP. From the BE15 server, I can see the NAS and volumes but there are no subdirectories listed below the volume - after some reading, this seems to be fairly common with NDMP.

Essentially the 'volume' is full of folders named after the year of their contents (eg. \1999\, \2005\ etc..).

I am trying to figure out how I could specify only a single folder at a time - the volume contains around 30 folders.

After selecting the volume in Backup Selection and clicking Modify, the only options available to configure are:

  • Path
  • Tag as Business Critical (tickbox)

I have done some reading but can't really understand how to exclude all but a single folder (eg. Exclude all subfolders EXCEPT 2016). But I also cannot tell if this is even possible with the particular NAS/NDMP implementation.

Could someone help with this or at least point me in the right direction to get this going?

Thanks in advance,



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from the admin guide, ndmp backup is working, but include exclude is depent from the nas you have.

Dell is not specified as possible for these options.

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Which document does this state it in?

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be15 admin guide - appendix N "NDMP option" p1191 table N-4

from that table I googled the vendor,

Configuring DMA clients with data-exclusion patterns might not work with a few backup vendors such as BackupExec and Netbackup. FluidFS v5.0.x adds options for handling exclude paths and patterns, which will be skipped when executing NDMP backup on the NAS volume.