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Not able to delete BEData folder and contents from an external drive

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I have a BEData folder that is taking up over 3tb of space on an external drive.  I cannot just delete the folder in windows explorer, and when I go into the application there is nothing in the "backup sets" or "jobs" for me to delete wihthin the application.    

How can I clear this folder from my drive??

This was a trial version so I'm no longer using it just haven't removed from machine yet.



You will need to disable the lockdown feature to delete this folder. In the BE Gui (assuming you are still able to access this) go to Configuration & Settings - Backup Exec Settings - Network and Security - then disable the 'Disk storage lockdown setting'

This will require the admin password.

Alternatively if this is an external drive, you could plug it into a different computer then take ownership of the directory and delete it that way.

For info more details on the lockdown feature can be found here: - Backup Exec Ransomware Resilience Best Practices

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Apart from what PJ_Backup suggested - To get the backup sets listed in backup set section, run an inventory and catalog on that storage if the external storage is configured in BE. That way the set would show up in BE and you can decide by looking at the set details if you need it or not. If not needed, just expire it from backup set section once it shows up after you have run inventory and catalog.
Note - if the storage is added in BE after being disconnected for more than 14 days ( configurable setting) you may need to just go to details of that drive within BE and bring it out of the read only mode ( just a setting that you will need to toggle in disk details if configured in BE )