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Maintenance has failed: 10, Dump database failed

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Running fresh Backup Exec 20.4 installation on new Backup 2016 server.    Running SQL Server Express 2016.
I looked the error up and I've seen people having issues like this as far back as Backup Exec 2010.

Storage: BEDB
Job Name: Database Maintenance
Message:  Summary of database maintenance activity:

Maintenance has failed: 10, Dump database failed
Total elapsed time:



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Dump database is when backup exec performs a backup of its BEDB. It could be that the backup takes time and because of timeouts within BE , this fails. Normally a BE DB is not large but in instances where the Alerts, Job History, BELog(Audit Log) etc. are occumulated for a longer period the database size can grow and if the dump does not complete in specified time, it may fail. You can refer the below technotes and try to optimize the database size and see if that helps.

Hi Gurvinder

I have the same error on a BE21 console.
But in my case, the error started when the SQL team changed the account under which you start the SQL Server service (local system account) to a domain service account.
Our client has a security policy that does not allow us to use local system accounts, so in this case, what can we do in this case so that the maintenance runs with the domain service account?


Thanks in advance for your help.