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Off-site deduplication - Number of licenses?

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I'm fairly new to BE, and have searched this forum (and others) but haven't really found an answer to my question.

Our current setup is one virtual machine running Backup Exec 15 Capacity edition which is backing up 8 other virtual machines to a on site NAS using deduplication. For DR I now want to setup another NAS off-site and duplicate the backed up data, I've understood that the best practice for this is optimized deduplication, promoting my current server to CAS and installing another media server off-site and attach the NAS storage as a deduplication disk. Before i start setting this up I have a question regarding licensing:

Our combined backup-data is somwhere between 1-2 TBs so I'm using 2 licenses at the BE server at the moment, does this permit the installation of another media server handling the duplicated data, or do I need ot buy another (or two?) license(s) for this since both of my licenses are already in use?

Thank you!



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From what I think,

if you are using capacity absed licenses, only the frontend data is counting, the duplications are allready included in the capacity licenses. but you will need an media -server license, a caso license (transformation of your current server), and a second dedulplication option.


But to be 100% sure, contact the license support