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One job to back up 3 servers

Level 3
Am I correct in thinking that if you are using one job to backup several servers, and a problem is encountered, say, can't find directory, on one of the servers, that the entire job fails? What about the other servers? Do they not get backed up? I believe the job failed during the verify process. I had the jobs set up separately, but my boss said to make it one job and now this has happened. Should I go back to backing the servers up separately?

Level 6
Correct. If you have only one job, backing up multiple servers, and any one of them has a situation that will flag a backup as FAILED, then the complete job is "FAILED". even tho the other two completed successfully.

You can either go back to individual jobs, or create a report form that you give your boss each morning with Success and Fail tick boxes for each server, and give him that after manually checking the job log.

I suppose that you could script up something that would scan the XML files, but that could turn into a lot of work.

Level 3
Thanks Ken. That is what I thought. I will probably set them back up like I had them.

Have a GREAT day!


Level 6

Please update us once you have tried the solution.


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Level 3
I changed them back to individual jobs.