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Problem with IDR Additional Client License

Level 3
My BE server shows that I have loaded the IDR option along with the IDR Additional Client license. However, when I try to run the IDR wizard, the wizard doesn't recognize my second server as having a IDR client license. I'm unable to perform a IDR on this second server. I contacted your sales dept. and they verified that I do have the right licenses for both IDR and IDR client. When I run the install, both licenses are loaded properly on the BE server. Please help.

Level 3
I figured it out. Not sure if this is the way it should be setup, but hey, it works!

I installed the Administrator's Console on this remote server which then allowed me to install the IDR option.

Level 6
Partner Accredited
You only need to install the Remote Agent onto the remote computer.

When a Full backup is done - it will update the servername.dr file.
After this you will then be able to create the IDR CD from the Media server.